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A Must Need For Juniors: NJGPA

WILEYNI CABA, Contributing Writer

On March 12 and 13, Juniors had to take a test called the NJPGA, as a graduation requirement. Some students stated that the questions for the test were a bit unexpected and difficult, while a lot of students are attached to their phones they all respected the rule of no phones during the test, Kirsten Hood, the English department supervisor, gave insight of the testing process for teachers.

While it is evident that testing is stressful for students because they have to sit in a room continuously using their brain and energy, it is also a very stressful time for teachers because they must make sure each students testing ticket is correct and contains all of their information as well as make sure everyone has enough materials and make sure everything is set for when testing begins.

Mrs. Hood stated "I love working with the kids and seeing them follow rules and succeed, it makes the process so much easier not only for me but for others as well." the expression she portrayed truly shows how much she loves her job and loves her experience in testing.

Another NJGPA coordinator explained how getting everyone prepared for the test was a bit of a challenge given that they had to make sure everyone had all the materials they needed. School testing coordinators met periodically throughout the year to discuss about important details needed for this test such as, setting up testing locations, prepare the rooms (including seating, if needed) and organize the test, meaning making sure all of the students would have a comfortable experience possible while taking the test.

One of the students felt that "most of the questions were easy and understandable, but there were others that gave [them] a hard time." Most students would agree, sitting in a room for hours may seem like nothing to some people but when asked, students give the same reply.

While there are different pathways in terms of graduation requirements, a lot of students still chose to do well in this test because they simply do not want to rely on second options or "Pathways." Although, this test was a difficult exam for students there are other options. One of those pathways is the PSAT, students who scored 420 or higher for both English and Math would still be able to proceed with graduation.

The NJGPA was an interesting experience for every individual who attended and participated in this event, everyone did an amazing job not only in working together as a team but for following directions and making it extremely easy for everyone. It was truly something teachers and coordinators enjoyed, even though it was difficult for most students it was not as pressuring and stressful as one would imagine.


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