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Teachers dominated the Students in a Basketball Game

By: CHRISTIAN ELLIOTT. Contributing Writer

March 5, 2019

On February 27, 2019, there was a basketball game between the senior students and teachers. The gym was packed with spectators cheering for the students to beat the teachers for the first time. Sadly, our fellow seniors did not accomplish their goal to dominant the teachers. The final score was 46 to 31 in a 40-minute time limit. The teachers were not taking a defeat by a bunch of teenagers that didn't learn their lesson. Teachers have defeated students for as long as the students vs faculty game has existed, some people don't think it's fair for actual school basketball players to not be able to be in this year game; some of the teachers like Mr. Cipot and Mr. Smutko used to be former basketball players back in high school. Hopefully next year this victory for the teachers will be ended and a new one for students will arrive.


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