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Powder Puff 2019: Here's What Happened

SNEHA BURLE , Staff Writer

December 10, 2019

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, the annual NBTHS Powder Puff game happened at the football field in the evening, hosted by North Brunswick Township High School. Powder Puff is an event where girls from every grade can sign up, and each grade plays against each other in games of flag football. The event is run by the Student Government Organization (SGO). Male students from each grade either coach the players, or take on the role of cheerleaders.

The first match was the seniors against freshmen, which went on at 6:00. The seniors won the first round of the flag football match. The second match was juniors against sophomores, where sophomores were victorious. The final match consisted of sophomores vs seniors, where the sophomores won.

In conclusion, the sophomores, AKA the Class of 2022, won the 2019 Powder Puff game. Overall, the match provided exhilaration and excitement for the players, coaches, cheerleaders, and even the spectators. Good job to all the girls who played the game, as it was clear that they all did their best and played the game well.


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