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Old school vs. New school: The Student Faculty Basketball Game

Indu Sekhar Pisupati, Staff Writer

Mar 15, 2022

On March 1, the student faculty basketball took place. It was a very good game, for both sides. The game ended up being pretty close, with a final score of 44-40 and the students ended up beating the teachers. A lot of people were expecting the students to beat the teachers, and they were right. One surprising thing about the game was how fast the teachers were playing. They were going up and down the court as fast as the students, creating many fast-break opportunities. The students at one point in the game had a comfortable lead, but the teachers made an impressive comeback, even though it didn’t result in the win.


Some of the highlights from the game include plays that got the crowd engaged in the game. 3-pointers, fast-breaks, hard fouls, and many more. This game was one thriller, and even if it got competitive towards the end, it was all in good fun. It was a fun time for everyone there, the players, the audience, and everyone else. The students played great defense against the teachers and both sides ran great plays to get a basket. There were times when there were hard fouls by both sides, but as mentioned before, it was all in good fun. Overall, it was a great game and a great experience for everyone there. Let’s hope we get something like this again in the near future!



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