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North Brunswick Heritage Festival Continues After 41 Years


Sunday, October 8 North Brunswick Township celebrated its annual Heritage Festival turnout to be as success after 41 years celebrating North's Brunswick diverse culture and rich history. Many events, activities, and entertainment were held at North Brunswick Community Park. Dancing, food, games, live music, the festival had it all! North Brunswick Township truly did not hold back.

The Heritage Festival included entertainment for all ages. A small ride for kids to enjoy, and a horse wagon was set up to enjoy the coming fall season. The long lines for these rides showed it was a big hit. The festival also included many types of food and drinks from different cultures which helped people in discovering new ethnicity's in North Brunswick. Not only did the food represent North Brunswick's rich culture, but so did the music and dances. Several cultural dances were performed from all different age groups by American Indian dancers. These performances were truly intriguing and showed the beautiful differences in our community. Live music was played by the Athena Greek Band, extremely talented musicians who have years of experience. The entertainment for the festival was well arranged and a perfect example of North Brunswick's diverse community

The Heritage Festival was also a wonderful location for fundraisers to take place. Many different fundraisers set up stands at the festival to spread awareness for several important causes. The Heritage Festival presented an amazing opportunity for people to learn more about everyday problems that occur across the world, like children in poverty and domestic violence. These fundraisers spreading awareness assists the community in expanding our knowledge.

Overall, The Heritage Festival is a spectacular way for North Brunswick to come together as a community and appreciate our different cultures, ethnicities, and traditions. It serves as a great opportunity to spread awareness on modern day issues and help our community in many ways. The Heritage Festival has been an incredible success the past 41 years and will hopefully continue to bring the North Brunswick Township together in the future.


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