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Sport Shorts: Golf

By: CHRIS CAMARGO, Contributing Writer

February 8, 2019

Golf is one of several sports that will be occurring during the spring season. However, many preparations are being made in order to start off on the right track. Physicals are being checked along with the condition of the equipment, such as golf clubs, the amount of equipment needed to be distributed equally to each player, and practice locations. It's very time consuming but required.

Gavin Lukacs is a senior member of the golf team. He gave me insight as to what the team is looking forward to. They’re aiming to advancing further in the competition than the previous year, while enjoying the experience. “Optimistically, we’d like to win every game, but it’s not always about winning that makes the game fun”. Not only that, but when practice starts, the players are expected to train and improve for future matches. Furthermore, the team expects to receive fewer hits when it comes to getting the ball in the hole. “We are attempting to get 6 hits to reach the hole. The less hits the better the score will be”. In addition, practice will be held at various golf locations. Those being Tamarack, Tera Greens, and Top Golf.

The golf team is very eager and determined for this upcoming season with many high hopes with expectations.


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