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North Brunswick Raiders Girls Swim Team


The North Brunswick Raider Township Girls Swim Team has had an outstanding season, reaching impressive heights in the state championships. The girls as well as the boys, had won all meets in the White Division, the first time in team history this had occurred. With contributions from dedicated swimmers like Nethra Pradeep and Saloni Agshiker, the team has showcased remarkable talent and resilience throughout the season.

In their second year, Nethra Pradeep, a sophomore, reflected on the team's journey to the third round of the state championships with pride and satisfaction. Despite the challenges, Nethra found joy in the camaraderie of the team and cherished moments spent swimming with friends who are graduating. She highlighted the growth in team bonding this year, making the season more enjoyable compared to the previous year. Notable achievements included the team's victory as white division champs and memorable pasta parties, creating lasting memories for the team.

Senior member Saloni Agshiker expressed pride in the team's accomplishments, particularly in making it to the quarterfinals of the state championships. Recognizing the loss of strong senior swimmers from the previous year, Saloni commended the team for stepping up and maintaining an undefeated record in the white division. Despite facing tougher competition, the team's determination led them to a successful season, culminating in a memorable victory at the Metuchen meet. Saloni recounted the exhilarating experience of securing victory under pressure, a moment she will cherish forever.

All of these memories and the team itself could not have occurred if not for the excellent Coaches, Coach Carrie Ann Egan, Coach Johnson, and Coach Barnhard. Every single day they push the girls and boys swim team to become the best swimmers they can while defining what it means to lead a team. The kindness and strength the coaches display are one of the main reasons for the Girls' and Boys' Swim Teams' success. The great athletes on the team like Samantha Guadagnino, who has the highest amount of points across both teams, Paige Simpson, Vivien Tirpak, Nikhita Gadde, Lasenki Wijegunawardhana, and many others are equally deserving of praise for the hard work they contributed for the Girls swim team to win many awards.

The North Brunswick Raider Township Girls Swim Team's success in the state championships is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and teamwork. Another excellent year is behind the team and next year seems to bring only more promise and potential. Their journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring swimmers and highlights the power of unity and determination in achieving success in competitive sports.


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