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Mr. NBTHS: A Night of Immense Talent and Surprises


From dancing to singing, playing the drums to cutting hair, and questionable magic shows to swallowing a goldfish, Mr. NBTHS was an exciting night to remember. Thanks to all of the participants of Mr. NBTHS for all of their hard work and dedication.

The night started with the participants performing a dance to various upbeat songs. Afterwards they individually began to showcase their talents. There were a lot of musical talents that amazed the audience. First up was Senior, Aryan Anand. He blessed the audience's ears by playing the Tabla, a set of two Indian drums. Aryan Bhatia, Junior, performed a beautiful song by Greenday. Nevertheless, Lance Caliolio, Junior, surprised the crowd with his performance of "L.O.V.E." by Frank Sinatra. His vocal talents were on point and superb. To add, Senior, AJ Pearson, the track star and apparently singer, sang a heartfelt song that blew everyone away.

The room was also filled with magical talents. Dylan Patel, Senior, performed various magic and card tricks with his assistant, Anglinia Lukose, Junior. Whether it was true or not, it was very interesting and hilarious to watch. The most baffling talent witnessed was Sophomore, Timothy DeGaetano's performance; he swallowed a live goldfish. The audience was filled with utter disbelief and shock.

At the end of the night Caliolio was titled "Mr. NBTHS." Overall, Mr. NBTHS was a beautiful night filled with surprises, magic, and music.


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