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What's up in school- February

Updated: Mar 30, 2021


Winter pep week is coming up!!!

Monday: pajama day

Tuesday: flannel day

Wednesday: class color day

  • Seniors - Black

  • Juniors - Blue

  • Sophomores - Red

  • Freshmen - Green

  • Staff - Purple

Thursday: superhero day

Friday: Blue and gold day

The Winter pep rally video will be released on February 12th.

Class competition:

Throughout pep week we will be having a class competition to raise money for our school charity, the Thirst Project. It ends at noon on Wednesday, February 10th. The points based on fundraising will go to your class to win the spirit cup!

Links for fundraising page:

  • Class of 2021:

  • Class of 2022:

  • Class of 2023:

  • Class of 2024:

To know where you are:

  • Class of 2021 is starting at $26

  • Class of 2022 is starting at $250

  • Class of 2023 is starting at $176

  • Class of 2024 is starting at $63

Rock-a-Thon :

Even with the Pandemic canceling many of our annual events, the 26th rockathon is still commencing! Although the event is virtual this year there still will be lots of fun events that you can rock to for a great cause.

The signup link:


Black Cultural Alliance:

The black cultural alliance will be releasing a video in celebration of Black history month on Friday, February 26th.


Theater review is happening! The link will be out on February 26th.

Fundraising of the class of 2024:

Along with SGO, they are selling Gertrude Hawk, the fundraiser. To support, go online and order the supplies to your house or school.


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