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NHS Inductions - Bringing Forth the Next Generation

JOEL MATHEW, Contributing Writer

The year is coming to that point in time where there is a lot of hustle and bustle for many students, where they have to focus on finishing strong in the school year and planning for the upcoming spring/summer days. However, one thing that a multitude of students have had the opportunity to enjoy was the National Honors Society Induction Night where students who excelled in academics, showcased desirable traits of a student such as leadership and character, were actively involved with the community, and succeeded in getting picked by their application, had the chance to go through the induction ceremony to officially become members of the NHS.

To have this chance has been considered a momentous occasion for numerous students to celebrate their accomplishments and have a night of fun and fellowship. The ceremony had gone smoothly and lots of families who had come that night in the crowd were proud to see their relatives go up on stage and receive their certificate. Michael Sanchez Borge a Sophomore at NBTHS and sibling to the newly inducted NHS member Kim Sanchez Borge, states, "I felt very proud and happy for her. I've seen the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears she's put into her education for the past two years and she deserved it. It was beautiful seeing her achievement."

The new members of NHS had an amazing time after the ceremony hanging out with their friends and family while enjoying their newfound achievement, making memories of the memorable night. As Krish Parekh, Junior, newly inducted NHS member, states, "NHS induction night was a night to remember as we were recognized for our academic achievements. This made my peers and I feel honored."

All in all, the ceremony was a huge success in boosting student morale, and the new members of NHS had the night as a memory to commemorate this academic fulfillment.


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