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Sports Shorts: Boys Basketball

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

By CHRISTIAN ELLIOTT, Contributing Writer

January 16, 2019

Our North Brunswick boys basketball team is not doing so well with an overall of 3 wins, and 7 lost. The game that happened on January 3, 2019, was one of the hardest and competitive game to watch. A junior, Courtney Wint quoted “It was a competitive game and one of the players named Corey hit a buzzer beater to push the game into overtime, but we lost it anyway with a score of 62 to 58. With the team closes and toughest lost against New Brunswick, it put disbelief on some folks faces after we lost 2 games in a row after that night. However, the team knows that with their hard training, they will be ready for Woodbridge January 17 at 7 pm. So let us go out to support the Raiders basketball team.


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