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Lacrosse is heating up

Brodie Thompson, Contributing Writer

The girl’s Lacrosse practice is tough. As heard from an avid watcher and fan of the team that they do two laps around the field and throw balls in order to get better. Then a member of the team, Alexis Krzewick, a member of the team, enlightened me and she gave a much more in depth explanation. According to her the two laps are a warm up meant to get ready for the passing and long “games” where the girls need to pass to the rhythm of a song for extended periods of time among other activities that might be fun to do for a minute but never for 10 at a time. The team has a very commendable goal this year, to be more of a family and a team that works towards all smaller goals rather than a group of people all playing the same game. When asked why she likes to be involved with lacrosse Krzewick explains that “ the competitiveness is always fun” and that the more truthful statement was that she “always [has] someone there to complain about practice and talk to”. The sports sentiment of all nbths teams are vibrant yet yield the same sentiment, to be a good team and family while taking the most glory possible.


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