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By: CHRISTIAN ELLIOTT, Contributing Writer

April, 17, 2019

North Brunswick Township High School's track team worked hard at their track meet. Becoming a well working and determined team was just a few rewards they will receive this season.

One of the alternating quick foot and muscle arm sports is track. Track season is going great so far for fellow sprinters, long distances, and throwers like junior, Prince Turray. Prince is a thrower and does a hardcore battle to be the best. He stated, “ In the shot-put I did pretty well. I went over 40 feet hitting 41ft 3in, even though I wanted to hit my goal of 45ft, but it wasn’t a bad day for the shot. Unfortunately, in discus I can’t say the same, I fouled out on all 3 of my throws, but I’m ready to work on my technique for my next meet this Saturday”. Another junior, Hubert Addo said, “ Well for practice, the sprinters work on legs, and do a lot of running. We work on the 4x400 relays, 100, 200, and 400 meters to warm us up for our meet on Saturday”. If you want to catch them and the rest of the incredible team. Come out on Saturday, April 20 at Colts Neck High School around 9:00 am. GO RAIDERS!


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