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Powder Puff: exciting wins and losses.


From great goals to sad losses, every team, Freshman to the Seniors, worked tirelessly through the brisk cold for a win. It was an interesting night to observe.

The night kicked off with Sophomores and Juniors. The Sophomores played for the win. With more than two touchdowns in just the first half, it looked like the Sophomores were going to win. However, during the second half, the Juniors picked up their pace and went for a comeback. Junior, Katie DeGaetano, with the help of her teammates, made an unbeatable comeback. Finally, the Class of 2024 won and progressed to the final round.

The second game consisted of the Seniors and the Freshmen. Senior, Nicole Neumann and her teammates won overwhelmingly against the Freshman. This left the Juniors and Seniors to battle against each other to win. The game was intense. Juniors played a hard game, however, the Seniors found a way to victory. After the course of the night, the class of 2023 won Powder Puff.

Powder Puff was a night filled with unexpected wins and losses. All teams put their best foot forward to win. We will just have to wait and see what is in store for next year's Powder Puff.


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