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Final Inning For 2019 Raider Baseball!

By, KATE SANTILLAN Contributing Writer

May 15, 2019

As the season wraps up, the Varsity, JV and Freshman boys are pooped. They have worked real hard all season and desire to do better next year. The varsity record currently is 7-14. There can and will be more improvement within the team but according to freshman baseball player Hans Tejada, “it is all good vibes”. Although he may be on a different level than the varsity players, he says they still work together as a team and do not let one another down but ameliorate each other and prosper together. Sophomore, girls lacrosse player, Ariana Kravitz says “I’ll see their practice sometimes while going to my practice and they are very productive, it’s crazy to know that the season is almost over and that the varsity boys ended with what they ended with but there is always room for growth, I’m proud of them!” Good job boys!

JV and freshman Raider Baseball players watching their fellow peers in a game against Edison High School. Courtesy of Kate Santillan


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