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Coach Ed Breheney inducted into NJSIAA Hall of Fame

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

COLIN DAVIS, Staff Writer

Head coaches can be the difference between if a team sinks or swims in the sports world. Look at teams like the New York Islanders and the Dallas Cowboys. The Islanders have loads of talent on their team and a great coach to take them deep into the playoffs consistently as compared to Dallas, who on paper, should be contending for a Super Bowl but are mired in painful mediocrity. NBTHS has prevailed on the Islanders side of things with a coach like Ed Breheney, who in December of 2019, won his 400th game as the head coach of the Basketball team and just this Sunday, was inducted into the NJSIAA Hall of Fame. His gameplans and strategies along with the ability to keep both the Basketball and Golf teams working together as a team, has proven to help him at this level. He credited his success to former AD’s Steve Libro and Joe Locascio for sticking by him through his rocky start in the program and letting him turn it into his own machine which turned into the school’s first GMC championship in 1997. The team has still found continued success since that championship, winning the GMC division 4 times, 3 appearances to the second round, and 1 appearance to the 3rd round since the title in ‘97. In this kind of sports world though, it just proves that anything is possible and the Raiders could cut down the nets once more.


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