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Baseball's Winding Up!

By KATE SANTILLAN, Contributing Writer

May 1, 2019

Varsity, JV, and Freshman baseball boys have been working real hard this season and it shows. Despite the foul weather and pressure on them, they do not let anything stop them. Varsity's record right now is 6-10. Sophomore baseball player Eriel Regalado explains “The season has been okay. There’s been a lot of games that we could've won at the beginning of the season but due to pressure and a slow start with the cold and stuff we didn’t really start how we wanted. We’ve gotten more comfortable with each other and things are falling into place, so I really think the season is making a huge turn and things are getting better. We’ve been working really hard to play as one and trust each other as teammates, this is why the season is getting better and things are changing.” Another baseball player, freshman Hans Tejada says that they even practice on days they don’t have practice and they do everything as a team, “we do our best to play well and win.” Overall the boys seem to be having a great time and are working together smoothly.

Freshman, Hans Tejada and baseball coach Suk in the field during a game against Red Bank Regional High School. (Courtesy of Brenda Tejada)


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