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Winter Sports Breakdown


Staff Writer

February 4, 2020

Well, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and I figured I’d show our winter sports teams some love. So let’s roll it up…

Leading off is Boys Basketball. The boys are 10-6 on the backs of Corey Smith, Jaquil Boyd, and Jabri Fitzpatrick. North Brunswick has 7 more games until the GMC’s which they’ll make by default as all GMC teams get in. has the boys as the team with the 6th highest chance to win GMC’s. Assuming the Raiders keep the current pace that they’re on right now, a top 10 seed could be in the future. Only time will tell.

We now switch over to Girls Basketball who has had a very different pace. The girls are 11-4 but the big names are new faces to the team. Their two highest scorers are both freshmen: Niyell McCargo and Anne Marie Quagliata. These two, combined with Adriana Barnes and Megan Farrell, have put together one of the deadliest starting combos in the county. The loss that stung the most was losing to a 6-13 Matawan team by 15 points. They hold the second spot in the White Division of the GMC and are only two games out of first place. However, Central Jersey is loaded with talented teams as places the girls with the 9th highest chance to win the title. But if these girls can put the talent together, they could turn some heads. After all, it’s only 5 games they need to win…

Track and Field are up next as the GMC championship was held this Saturday. Aside from South Brunswick obliterating all relays because, well it’s South Brunswick, North Brunswick had a few medals sent our way. First off is Nakaja Weaver in the 55-meter dash as she blasted a 7.19 second time to get 1st place. Another medal was handed out to Adelaide Asante who got second in that race with 7.26 seconds. Asante also took home gold in the High Hurdles with a time of 8.65 seconds. But the big name, as always, was Ramy Berberena. The Miami University commit took home gold in the 55m hurdles with 7.60 seconds. Their next meet is on February 7th in Toms River, NJ.

Lastly, we have swimming and it’s safe to say that the teams have struggled a little. The boys clocking out a record of 2-5 after getting obliterated by East Brunswick, J.P. Stevens, and South Brunswick. Not much to say other than the fact that senior, Daniel Simpson has been carrying the boys on his back this season. The girls, however, have gone a modest 3-4 lead by junior, Megan Gilmore and senior Giselle Garriga. Both teams have finished the regular season and are waiting for the playoffs.

The playoffs are around the corner for each sport and they all have a good chance of making noise. Prove me right players.


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