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Kate's Konspiracies: Why Is B.o.B Not Around Anymore?

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

By KATE SANTILLAN, Contributing Writer

January 11, 2018

If you don’t already know who B.o.b is you’re going to find out why. Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., or initially known as B.o.B, is 30-year-old American rapper. He’s been active since 2006 and has a few hit songs like “Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore, “Nothin’ on You” ft. Bruno Mars, and “Magic”. Another thing about him is he is an extreme conspiracy theorist. He believes in conspiracies like the earth is flat, the Holocaust didn’t happen, and 9/11 not happening the way it was said to have happened. He is a man who has many different beliefs about the world, specifically the music industry. He wants to get his messages across, however, in order to get a message like his across you must do it subliminally.

No artist could walk on stage and speak out on what they think about the world or what being in the industry is really like without getting consequences. B.o.B understood that very well so he released mixtapes with abbreviated titles and did features on other songs where his verses were about real-world things and of course the conspiracies that he believed in. At this time he was already known thanks to his previous “normal” songs. Some of the names of the mixtapes were “W.A.T.E.R” (We Are The Enemy Really), “E.A.R.T.H” (Education Avatar Reality Training--relating to the conspiracy about humanity actually being a stimulation or a game and we are the players), and “F.I.R.E” (False Idols Ruined Egos). He was tweeting to his fans to share the mixtapes and get an abundant amount of people to listen to them. Although he was releasing these mixtapes, no one was listening to them because no one had easy access to them. His account had been allegedly censored, not just his Youtube account, but on all platforms including Twitter. This means that people still could see his account but his content would not show up on their feed or never end up on the trending page. The link to his account spread around.

Even though B.o.B hid his messages within his songs and mixtapes, he didn’t hide them well enough. Soon enough, music records and companies quickly picked up what he was doing and shut him up. The conspiracy theorist belief behind everything is, B.o.B knew and was correct about too much and was trying to get his fans to believe or at least listen to what he was saying and the government is trying to stop him from doing so. They knew how successful he was and how influential and persuasive he could be, they couldn’t risk anything. The music industry, the government, and other companies that involve labor do not want the truth about their ways and their secrets out there.

Nowadays no one hears about B.o.B because he still tries to get his mind and messages out there. No one signs him anymore or does a song with him. No one even mentions him anymore. Ask a random person walking down the street, in 2009, who B.o.B was they would instantly know who he was, ask a random person walking down the street today, and they’ll most likely not know or remember him. So this is in memory of Bobby Ray Simmons, B.o.B’s career, may it rest in peace thanks to the catastrophe of an industry and society.

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