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What's up in School- December

Updated: Mar 30, 2021


First up we got a 2020 virtual version of Mr. NBTHS that is still recruiting juniors and seniors and if you want to join please contact Mrs.Wright as fast as you can.

North Brunswick Township yearbook,2018-2019

Although different than usual the SGO Talent show is being held virtually like many other aspects of this year's events. The Talent show will take place in early January and if you want to make and the Talent show of 2020 here's what you can do:

-Record a Three-minute video of yourself and your talent

-Send it to Mrs.Wright and try your chances of going to the second round!

Winter Pep Week will take place December 14th-December 18th. This means that you should get ready for Pep Week theme days and find how you can help your class win the spirit cup will be forthcoming

The Class of 2023 is having a Charleston Wrap fundraiser. This fundraiser is not based on a specific thing you could be but anything your heart desires. With the holiday season coming up you should check the fundraiser by:

Enter Organization ID: 19481

For others to shop go to

Many might have seen this but the yearbook club is sending out surveys through SGO Class Google Classrooms. Please fill them out and your photo/information could be chosen for the yearbook. Also, yearbook prices go up on 12/1.

If you are interested in Alchemists you should check their Master Classes. To join

Fill out the form in the Alchemist Google classroom. If you are not part of their google classroom, look to nbthsalchemists on Instagram to reach out to the officers and get the information needed.


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