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What is Senior Leadership?


Senior Leadership is a Teen Prevention Education program where seniors are trained in leadership and sexuality issues. Only 30 students are chosen to be in this club/class, and it's a two day process that includes doing an interview and auditioning a skit in front of the leaders.

The goal of Senior Leadership is to ensure all students younger or older are aware of the factual information when it comes to any health, relationship, or personal sexuality issues. It's important people are aware of topics like this even if it may seem difficult to discuss; that is why they work on making sure they can make anyone comfortable and safe when performing our skits and doing group discussions.

The class meets during the 1st period of the day; students all bond very well as a whole. They start by getting their first topic of their skit and pick which lines go best for everyone's comfort and start practicing. During those times the leaders also get a learning experience out of this, as it allows them to be able to share this factual information with other people, even outside of school. They also learn how to do basic public speaking which can be nerve racking for some.

The Senior Leaders also learn about certain health issues that they may not have known about; that helps them stay aware of things that can still happen now or even in college. It’s a good class; everyone should try to apply for it and educate more people in the school and community. 


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