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Weekly Focus: Spring Break

Updated: May 5, 2020

April 9 - 19, 2020

We asked our students at home to tell us: "What's Your Spring Break Look Like?"

"Since being confined to the walls of my home, I’ve been doing push-ups and grinding on 2K! Still hoping to have a wonderful senior year. I’ve been told that high school is for memories, so I’m staying optimistic and hope to see everyone late May or early June" - Abdul Savage '20

"Since we all have been  quarantined, and unable to attend school, or any other public places ... the most I’ve been doing is focusing on myself, going to work, and trying to stay positive as I continue to further my education virtually. During the spring break, I spent my quality time changing up my appearance and spending time with my family. Although I did not expect my senior year to go the way it’s going, I hope for the future we are able to attend the last two months of school, so I can gather my last moments with the friends, teachers, and loved ones. :)" - Maya Bailey '20

"I learned how to bake."

- Michelle Ekwo '20


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