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Theatre Revue: Behind the Curtains


January 28th, 2019

Anthony Russo Conveys just how much his clock is ticking.
photo courtesy of Justin Jajalla

Theatre Revue is one of several yearly productions done by the Alchemist club. This play involves numerous skits created by the students within the club. Some of the skits introduced within the production were “My cousin Vinny”, “Graduation”, and more. Each comedy routine took several weeks of practice in order to get the performance done correctly. Due to each skit within the show being picked by the students, the spirit from the cast members is at an all time high to show the skits that they themselves like from popular theatre productions. Prior to the show, tickets were being sold. Along with merchandise such as a water bottle and shirts were being sold. The friendly students that lead the stands to sell shirts and food items prepared everything up front by themselves, painting signs and bagging their own food.. Once the show begun, the energy from the crowd was immense, filling the auditorium with a feeling of excitement. Many laughs were had along with ecstatic cheering and clapping at the end of each skit. Every act was unique to one another with every talented crew member.

During the first production on friday night it was discovered that the final show would be canceled due to the state of emergency within new jersey, this angered many members of the cast just in time for the edgiest song, “In” because of only having 3 shows of their favorite production. Rose Rivera, senior at NBTHS and member of the Alchemist, stated “I really enjoyed it. It is a tough and long process but in the end, it's all worth it. It's an inviting setting with hard working individuals both in and behind the scenes. Performing gives you a rush and I have so much fun. Theatre Revue is my favorite show that we put on”. These feelings were cleared after the matinee on sunday’s first show in which the Alchemists were allowed to have a third show at night. Once all of the performances had concluded, a standing ovation was made. Theatre Revue had been a success.


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