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The Alchemists' fall play all wrapped up

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

By BRODIE THOMPSON, Contributing Writer

November 22, 2018

The first show of the 2018-2019 school year put on by the Alchemist ended better than anyone could have asked. As put by Amani Somanchi, a freshmen who helped to set up and handle the lights for her first play “ I didn’t think that it would be as big a thing or have as much effort put in as I see everyone doing, but when everyone tries as hard as they do the plays do become a very fun thing to do and to have to show to people and say ‘I did that’”. The fall play is the one performance put on by the Alchemist that does not include any musical elements and it is mainly comprised of comedies and dramas, this year was no different as the play was a comedic take on how a silly family could get their eldest unwedded daughter a husband. The play had many jokes but was also home to a notable message about following your dreams and passions rather than doing something for the paycheck. The set was made by the backstage’s hard work and by taking pieces of furniture from the directors’ own houses to completely fill in the set and make it look like home. After such a successful first production the crew, cast, and club as a whole are ready to put on one of the greatest theatre revues yet, as well as do the musical Chicago justice as the marvelous performance it is. Be sure to catch on of the performances done by the Alchemist January for theatre revue or may for the Alchemist’s rendition of Chicago.


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