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Student Spotlight: Kenny Aguilar

ROHINI MALAGI, Editor in Chief

KIMBERLY FIRRELLO, Social Media Manager


The Banner was able to interview Kenny Aguilar to find out a bit more about who he is and the passions that drive him. Kenny is a senior this year and is part of the class of 2022. Kimberly Firrello sat down with him to discuss his enthusiasm for athletics and the school community. Kenny Aguilar has given permission for his words, name, and any photos given to be used in this article.

Kenny has been playing soccer since he was six years old and explains that his love for soccer has come from his family, “watching soccer games together and deciding that I was going to play and my soccer journey took off from there.” Within his team, he plays center back which is a part of the defense. “My role is valuable because it can decide a game, and I just feel like you have to be physically and mentally strong and I feel like I do my job pretty well,” he says.

His passion for soccer stems from his love of the sport and the feeling of scoring a goal. “I’m just a competitor and love to win,” he adds. Kenny plays soccer for the NBTHS Varsity Soccer team and says “Playing for the school makes me feel like I am just part of a group of guys who share the same passion and joy for the sport just like I do. It's just a good way to get involved and just so much fun. To play with the guys you go to school with and catch some dubs is a good feeling.”

Kenny is the captain of the Varsity Soccer team and his leadership role makes him want to win even more, and keep his guys motivated and focused to compete every day. It makes him want to become the best person he can be not only for himself but for his teammates. As Kenny is a senior, this is his last season, and is sad this chapter is ending but is looking forward to the future. He plans to play soccer at the college level and although he is unsure of where that will be, he is excited to take his talents to a good school and move on in his career.

When asked about managing his academics, Kenny explains, “It’s pretty difficult coming home from practice or a game and feeling really tired and just having emotions whether we win and lose and I would say it’s pretty difficult but I know I have people supporting me so it's difficult but I get it done.”

Not only is Kenny a soccer star, but he was also voted for Homecoming King. He was surprised he won but when he did win, he was focused on showing respect to the other nominees. He thinks his grade voted for him because “people see I’m a nice person and supportive to my fellow peers and it felt pretty good knowing I represented my class in that kind of way. Let’s go Raiders!”




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