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Sport Shorts: Girls Lacrosse

By: CHRIS CAMARGO, Contributing Writer

February 15th, 2019

A new set of seasonal sports are almost here. Girls Lacrosse, a spring sport, being one of them. Genesys Spann, a freshman at NBTHS, has informed about this year's team. “There is a lot of preparing occurring in order to do well. Physicals are being checked to determine who can participate in tryouts. Then we narrow down the participants, begin creating and then finalize the team. Some equipment is provided by the school such as the team uniform, arm pads, and hemet. But you do need to buy the right type of shoes for the sport”. As for scores, the lacrosse team is aiming to get 20 points. The schools they will be facing off this year will be Somerville High School, Bernards High School, Edison High School, and many others. Genesys stated “I believe the team will perform incredibly well this season and strive to keep getting better with every game played”.


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