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SGO went "Out of This World " for Homecoming

SHAHD ELSHAMMA , Contributing Writer

September 30, 2023 was the homecoming dance. The theme for this year was Out of This World and SGO really did a great job with the spaceships and aliens decorations.

Everyone looked so good and like they had a ton of fun dancing and talking with friends. The DJ played tunes like “Barbie” and “Love Sosa” that kept everyone on the dance floor. The food was delicious as well; there was Popeye’s chicken and amazing cookies that kept everyone full.

When it was almost time to leave the dance everyone was upset because they were having so much fun. After the dance ended everyone went outside and many people went out to eat dinner at the local Friday’s and Chili’s. The next morning everyone's social media was full of beautiful pictures of them and their friends at the dance.

SGO did a wonderful job getting all the decorations up around the Commons and making the dance spectacular. SGO helped students have more fun. Kudos to all staff and administrators for throwing such a memorable event. According to Khadija Moro (Sophomore), “This was one of the best and most memorable homecomings. I am looking forward to what it's going to be like next year”.


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