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New Teacher Feature

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

The new teacher feature is something that The Banner does to welcome all new staff to NBTHS. We want to give them the same respect that they give to us. Unfortunately, we could not get all of the new staff interviewed so we mentioned their name on the "we also welcome" page at the bottom of the article. We hope that you learn a lot from the new staff and enjoy reading about them.


Mr. Nicholas Montagna (Science Department)


Mr. Nicholas Montagna is a Physics teacher at North Brunswick Township High School. He started teaching two years ago. Montagna believes that he is capable of teaching higher levels. He says, “then send reason is prefer having the older students because o the way they present themselves and they’re responsible.”


Mr. Brett Gray (Music)


Mr. Brett Gray is a new teacher in the music department. Gray came to NBTHS because he believes that NBTHS has a tremendous atmosphere, both for education and community. Growing up, Gray has had many teachers who impacted his life, and he wants to do the same for the next coming generations. Gray loves to cook and game when he has had a long day; he does it to unwind. Gray wants to show students that there are no such things as labels or stereotypes. He wants you to know that you can do anything without being scared. Gray teaches in the way of a team; he believes everyone has a say in how they learn. He has been teaching for six years and still kicking it for his first year at a high school level. He believes that the hardest part of teaching is that everyone has their own/different way of learning. He wants everyone to know that you can come down to the Choir room and say “Hi,” he is always looking for new singers! His advice, “Stay Busy! Find something that you’re passionate about and get involved in it. Explore new hobbies/ clubs/ sports. Your four years here will fly by so make some memories!”


Ms. Victoria Zangrilli (Social Studies)


Ms. Victoria (Tori) Zangrilli is a new teacher in the Social Studies department. Zangrilli came to NBTHS because she loved and was inspired by the staff and community. Zangrilli became a teacher to make a positive impact on the lives of her students. She has many fun hobbies including coaching and playing softball, going to the beach, and hanging out with her dog. Zangrilli believes that she can impact the lives of students by giving them a positive and safe environment throughout the day, where they look forward to coming to History class. Zangrilli’s teaching philosophy is to get to know the students and understand them. She believes this is just as important as teaching content to her students. This is Zangrilli’s second year of teaching. As funny as it sounds, Zangrilli’s most difficult part of teaching is getting students to take their AirPods out. She says, “Make sure to always put in 100% because high school matters!”


Mr. Dan Gorzynski (Social Studies)


Mr. Daniel Gorzynski, or Mr. G, is a new teacher in the Social Studies department. Gorzynski came to NBTHS because he believed it would be a great opportunity to be a part of a really diverse school that strives in academics, athletics, arts, and more. He became a teacher because he wanted to be able to provide the same quality experience and support systems that teachers provided for him during his high school experience. He did this not just for that, but also because he wanted to honor his social studies teacher that passed away last year. Gorzynski is very involved with the school, he works as a football coach, and he’s serving as an aquatics manager at the NBTHS pool. Gorzynski also enjoys quieter out-of-school activities such as golfing and fishing during the summer. He believes he can impact the students here at NBTHS by being a positive role model, and trying to showcase that quality education is a good balance of discipline and understanding as well as focus and fun. Those qualities cannot be mutually exclusive. Gorzynski is a big believer in trying to foster curiosity and make connections to students' lives as often as possible. His classes are very conversational in nature, so though the content is the same in each class, the conversation is always unique to what the students bring. Gorzynski likes to have fun with jokes and movie quotes. This year is Gorzynski's 7th year teaching; he previously taught for 3 years at South Brunswick High School, and 3 years at Jackson Liberty High School. He believes that the most difficult thing about teaching is the to-do list of items, however, the actual teaching of students is the best part of the day. He advises, “Do[ing] what you’re supposed to do, when you’re supposed to do it, the way it’s supposed to be done, to the best of your ability.”


Mr. Jeff Montoya (Health & Physical Education)


Mr. Jeff Montoya is a new physical education and health teacher here at NBTHS. As a first-year teacher, Montoya went to high school here in North Brunswick and worked in other school districts during his college years. His interest in becoming a teacher was sparked by his time volunteering for the Special Olympics in high school. When he is not teaching, Montoya likes to play soccer or go on a run. Montoya’s teaching philosophy is to show students how they can make a difference. He also wants to show students how they can be the best versions of themselves.


Mr. Dean Petrillo (Health & Physical Education)


Mr. Dean Petrillo is one of the new Physical Education teachers here at NBTHS. He came to NBTHS after retiring from law enforcement and being a lifelong resident of North Brunswick. He has been a teacher for 7 years in the 90s before switching to law enforcement for 18 years. Petrillo had the aspiration of becoming a teacher because both his parents were educators and he thought it would be a rewarding way to earn a living. As hobbies, Petrillo likes to play soccer, as well as buy and sell sports memorabilia. Petrillo advises students at NBTHS to take their education seriously, as what they do and learn today affects their choices tomorrow. He also advises them to enjoy their high school years because they go by quickly. In his mind, the most difficult part of teaching is getting students to trust that you have their best interest in mind, as well as keeping them engaged.


Ms. Jessica Abrahamson (Guidance)


Mrs. Jessica Abrahamson is a new member of the guidance department here at NBTHS. A former student of NBTHS, this is Abrahamson’s first full year as a counselor. Her interest in becoming a counselor was inspired by her belief that helping others is what she is best at. After a long day, Abrahamson likes to unwind by either going to the gym or playing with her two pups. Abrahamson wants to be able to support any student that needs help and not just the students that fall into her caseload. As a counselor, she wants to be transparent and honest with her students, so that they can overcome any obstacles.


Ms. Taylor Dean (Learning Center)


Ms. Taylor Dean is a new teacher in the Learning Center at NBTHS. As a first-year teacher, Dean looks to motivate students to achieve their goals and to be able to do anything they set their minds to. Dean came to North Brunswick because she always wanted to work in high school and loves the level of support and environment here at NBTHS. She wanted to become a teacher because of her experience working with students who had disabilities and believes that she can make a difference. When she is not teaching, Dean likes to read, craft, bake, and cook. She also likes to go on adventures with friends and family, exploring new towns and activities. Her approach to teaching is centered around her belief that every student has the skill to do whatever they set their minds to, even though it might take some practice. She also believes that every student has the right to learn and achieve their goals. Dean believes “Something difficult about teaching is finding the right resource that will help you out the most since there is so much out there that can be used!” Dean’s advice to students at NBTHS is to work hard and never give up on what you want to achieve. She also advises students to reach out for help because they never know when they will need it.


Mr. Elvis Reyes-Colon (World Language)


Mr. Elvis Reyes-Colon is one of the new World Language teachers coming to the North Brunswick Township High School. Reyes chooses NBTHS as his first teaching job. Since Reyes only had experience as a long-term substitute and student teaching before this moment. Reyes's hobbies include Traveling, Hiking, and Riding Dirtbikes and ATVs. And something that Reyes would like to tell you is that you should laugh and enjoy life as much as possible


Ms. Emily Sellmann (Child Study)


Emily Sellmann is one of the new Child Study teachers here at NBTHS. When we interviewed her, these were the things that she had to say. She choose NBTHS because she wanted to teach high school students specifically as she is a social worker and this is her fifth year being one, she wants to help as many people find their way through life. She does her best to make herself flexible with all students and to give them the best advice whenever needed. She is also not only prepared but also determined to help people with any issue that they may have. And now for some extra questions about Emily, when asked what hobbies she has she responded with “Outside of school, I spend a majority of time on my kindle reading. I also spend time with my family and my dog Penny.” And some advice that Emily would give you is “Get involved and participate! This school has so many clubs, activities, and athletic opportunities available for students, it’s never too late to learn something new”


We also welcome:

  • Jennifer Beaugris (English Supervisor)

  • Danielle Bisonic (Learning Center)

  • Meghan Deluca (English)

  • Gabe Escalona (Fine Arts)

  • Radiah Gamble (Administration)

  • Rosener Gille (Special Services)

  • Ivan Goldenberg (Child Study)

  • Sanna Greenberg (Industrial Technology)

  • Tom Guarino (Health & Physical Education)

  • Chiarina Guzik (Learning Center)

  • Mary Hanna (English Department)

  • Katherine Martinez (Learning Center)

  • Timothy Perillo (Learning Center)

  • Linda Raoul (Special Services)

  • Nicholas Russo (World Language)


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