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NBTHS Hall of Fame

By SCARLET TINEO, Staff Writer

October 15, 2019

The NBTHS Hall of Fame is a new event that the Board Of Education has organized for the school. The main organizer was Dr. Zychowski.

It’s a conference about certain people that have graduated from the North Brunswick Township High School in the past (called alumni) and have found success. This was hosted at the school’s auditorium.

This year three people were nominated for this event. They were John Cipot, Christopher Paladino and Kristen Seckler. The hosts spoke about their lives and their achievements.

After the event they received a tour of the school and visited the art and music classes. And, after that was over, had lunch at the libraryㅡ which was decorated with some of the student’s work from the art museum and prepared for them with decorated tables.


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