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NBTHS Goes Green!

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

By RAISA BARAKA, Contributing Writer

December 3, 2018

Did you know your school was going green? Well in April of 2018, North Brunswick Township High School was recognized the United States Department of Education Green Ribbon School. Administrators went to D.C. of that upcoming October to receive this award. “We are reducing our carbon footprint and putting in place sustainable protocols to create a greener world, we were acknowledged for doing all these positive things” Mrs.Rafano, vice principal, explains about this award. As a student you may not realize the difference in environment but the school has made a few green changes. Rafano stated, “We have reduced the number of photocopies we make, posting things digitally instead of passing out papers, our lightbulbs are all fluorescent energy efficient light bulbs, our buses have been retrofitted with exhaust ignition reducing apparatuses, we’ve been doing a number of different things in and out the school like even cleaning the building with eco friendly products”. NBTHS has been reaching toward a more positive and cleaner, greener environment. So what can you do to contribute to this environment? Use the provided recycling bins, use less paper, get the school’s attention toward this. Soon in later December the school will also be receiving another local award for this same thing; be a part of why!


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