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MRC Maker Space Reaches Next Level.

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

By BRODIE THOMPSON, Contributing Writer.

March 15, 2019.

Photo Courtesy of Brodie Thompson

“The MRC is a great place to get work done if you need it done immediately or something printed out”, Charlie Vizthum, a frequent user of the MRC, sums up the MRC's purpose in just one sentence. The work that has been put into the former auditorium turned library, now study space for the last two years has transformed it to be even more useful than it ever was. The MRC now has a Makerspace, made for those who need to 3D print things for whatever reason or use the green screen for projects. Each new item/ station in the MRC has a tutorial video to watch in order to get the most use out of each resource offered by NBTHS. Though the printers have been in the MRC for the longest time, it should be known that anyone can print anything from them during anytime they are allowed within the MRC. The 3D printers are allowed to be used by anyone who has watched the videos that teach how to properly use the technology. The same rule applies to other interesting things that are now at student’s disposal, including a green screen with proper software, free to use, and 3D printing pens. Tools made available to anyone that walks in include rolls upon rolls of poster paper and coloring books for anyone who wants to spend time to zen out within any of the new chill spots such as the bean bags or the couches with built in chargers. There is something for everyone within the MRC, and it is highly advised to make good use of what is made available.


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