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Kate's Konspiracies: Michael Jackson’s Death, Accident Or Not?

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

By KATE SANTILLAN, Contributing Writer

December 20, 2018

Selling millions of albums and records Michael Jackson has been a sensational pop artist for nearly all his life. That is until he mysteriously, “accidentally” died from an overdose of medications prescribed by his physician, Conrad Murray. These medications were a surgical anesthetic propofol mixture made by Murray. Jackson apparently often used these medications to sleep. There was an exorbitant amount of this in Jackson’s system and that is allegedly the cause of his death. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

Although it seemed like he lived “the good life”, Michael Jackson underwent many mental/emotional illnesses. Jackson was on stage in a fake concert for a commercial for Pepsi in 1984. The concert involved flames and a pyrotechnic explosion happened so one thing led to the next and his hair caught on fire causing him to get second and third-degree burns. For his burns, he took medication to manage the brutal physical pain from the aftermath of the burns. Ever since then he developed an addiction to the painkillers starting in the early 90s. After this, he went through anorexia, insomnia, stress, depression, and emotional anxiety due to accusations of child molestation. He, of course, went to rehab for everything. However, he went back to painkillers because he could not go through the emotional and physical pain, especially after the scalp surgery he had for the burns he had gotten. All of this was the cause for the cancellation of his Dangerous tour which made a good amount of people lose millions of money. The promoters of the tour sought for Jackson to recover as early as possible so they told his doctors to over-prescribe him and were paying the doctors to do so. Jackson then later got cosmetic procedures done by dermatologist Arnold Klein who also prescribed Jackson drugs like Demerol. Eventually, Jackson was addicted and took too much one night and essentially committed suicide involuntarily.

However, others think his death has a deeper, underground truth to it. Many people think that his doctor purposely murdered him because he was the only person left with Jackson at the crime scene. Dr. Murray was seen giving CPR to Jackson by Jackson’s son, Prince Jackson, which did not seem weird at the time, but as more time passed, it seemed as if he was the one to have murdered him. Of course he was convicted of a crime for over-prescribing him, however it was allegedly an accident.

Paris (Jackson’s daughter) on the other hand strongly believes her father was murdered and has spoken about it multiple times in public. Jackson would always put his life on the line whenever he would talk bad about the company “Sony” in his concerts. Especially when he talked about the CEO of “Sony”, Kenichiro Yoshida. Jackson knew what he was doing, however, he did not care. He wanted to get a message out there about the company and its CEO doing cruel things to its artists and people they were producing. Paris would say that Jackson knew there was people out to get him. The whole Jackson family believes that the whole thing was a set-up and they are seeking justice. Right now they do not have enough evidence to prove his death was intentional so they’re playing it safe. Paris is still searching for more valid information to shut this thing down but for now, it will stay a conspiracy to the public eye.


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