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Lunch Lates

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

By RAISA BARAKA, Contributing Writer

January 9, 2019

Algebra test tomorrow, Gym final, lab report due at 11:59, and you can’t forget that college application deadline is tomorrow, so set a reminder. These most likely are the thoughts of the average high school student. Deadline after deadline, but what about your own deadline? Do you make it in time? And if not, what happens? Here at NBTHS, coming late to school ends with an assigned lunch detention that day. But the main question is, is it fair? The lates seem to serve no purpose, there is no lesson being learned, and Ms.Barkley has to sacrifice her lunch to watch students. “I think it’s pointless, the detentions serve no purpose. The kids don’t do anything there but sit and wait and it already takes a certain amount of time to get your lunch. If the motive is to teach students a lesson it’s not doing anything, and also you shouldn’t get a lunch detention every time you're late. Honestly there’s no point to it” said senior, Nadir Cozy. Responses from a majority of seniors remained the same, many believed it was unnecessary, but the remaining grades responded differently. “Honestly, I prefer these lunch detentions rather than after school or Saturday. I mean yeah it’s not teaching us anything but I would rather that,” said sophomore, Assata Brown. Lates to school can be controlled, but not always by the student, so in relation, is it fair to assign lunch detention to these students? The answer is no, the school should relapse back to their late policy last year in which getting a certain amount results in detention. Although this may not completely resolve the issue in students being late, it will make things easier for both the staff and the students.


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