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Let's Put A Can On The Hunger!

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

By KATE SANTILLAN, Contributing Writer

December 11, 2018

Every homeroom at North Brunswick High School is having a competition on which homeroom can get the most canned and good foods for the infamous food drive. Everyone knows it must be for a good cause and very important to the school especially if they’re making it to a competition. But what exactly is this food drive and what is it for? Well, I got the answers you’ve been asking! Stick around to read the short but very informational interview between me and Ms. Pineiro.

According to, there are 919,030 people struggling with hunger and 268,080 of them are children. This is almost one-tenth of New Jersey’s population. Statistics show that every 1 in 10 people and every 1 in 7 children in struggles with hunger in New Jersey. The website additionally adds that it takes more than $495,839,000 to meet the food needs of the people facing hunger. The state has acknowledged this problem and because New Jersey wants it to decrease, if not end, this problem the idea of the food drive was born. Ms. Pineiro is the club advisor for the Key Club of North Brunswick High School. They are the ones behind this amazing, month-long, event. The food drive is the state’s service project, meaning the whole state of New Jersey is doing this project. Schools throughout New Jersey have their own Key Club and food drive and everyone tries to pitch in the charity. It is truly a beautiful thing.

1. First and foremost, what is the food drive for? What is the purpose?

“ It’s the states service project, they’ve been collecting foods and funds for the community food bank of New Jersey. We have to do but It’s not an obligation. It depends on the effort put into it really and how much work is put into it and we definitely put a good amount of effort into this food drive.”

2. What does the food drive mean to you?

“It’s really hard when you don’t know where some of your students are getting their food supplies or any of their resources. It’s nice to know that we can help by doing this”

3. Who thought of the idea of making this food drive into a competition?

“The executive board of the key club, we also had a teacher competition in October.”

4. How much would a donation of one canned food from one student impact the charity?

“One can of food counts as .6 pounds so we are hoping to get 150,000 pounds for the charity”

5. Lastly, when would it end?

“It ends December 12th it ends so they can have the food in time for holidays”

Photo courtesy of Kate Santillan

Overall, the food drive is such a good cause and the state could really use your help with it. Please donate at least one canned food, anything helps. Not only do you win a breakfast for your homeroom, but you also help your own community out!


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