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Key Club Presents: The Key Carnival

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

By KATE SANTILLAN, Contributing Writer

March 11, 2019

The NBTHS Key Club held a carnival at NBTHS last Friday and Saturday (March 8th and 9th) afternoon. If you didn’t show up, you were missing out on a lot! Good vibes and positive energy was all that was there obviously not including the fun games and amazing foods. The Key Club carnival is an annual event in which parents can bring their children to play games, get their faces painted, get henna done, and win prizes. Pizza, cookies and other tasty foods were sold. Even Batman showed up!

There were at least two students from Key Club at each game or “station”, giving out tickets to the kids and cheering them on while they played the game. The more tickets you won, the bigger prize you could get. There were games like basketball, hula-hooping, spin-the-wheel, flip the duck, horseshoe tossing, and at least 20 more games than that. Music was played and children would gather in the middle of the cafeteria to dance and run around. Club adviser, Ms. Pineiro, along with many teachers from the history department, were walking around helping out the students and giving out tickets at each station that needed it.

The happiness in the children’s eyes and the light they were filled with when they won a game was one of the best sights there. Many parents even joined their children in winning and playing games. When senior, Matt Ligouri was asked if this event was fun to do he responded with “Oh yeah, we always look forward to this the whole year. We all work together and do a lot for this event. It is also very anticipated throughout the year.” All the club members seemed to agree and have fun as well. When he was asked what was the process to get this event all together he answered with “In Key Club meetings we get poster boards and start decorating . We also work hard on getting sponsors for the event. It honestly takes a while to set it all up, we’ve been here since the end of the school day and will stay until everything is cleaned up at around 8-9 pm.”

The night was exciting and jolly. Overall it was a $5 well spent for all the families and students that attended.


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