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Spotlight: Kayla Rajan, Helping Special Needs Student Communicate

Updated: Feb 8

SHAHD ELSHAMMA, Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of SHAHD ELSHAMMA

Kayla Rajan (Freshman) does many amazing things. Her favorite thing about high school so far is the community and activities. Rajan has been helping special needs students since 7th grade. She got involved in it because she thought it was an interesting club and thought it would be a good thing to do.

She helps the students communicate with other people and join activities and make them feel comfortable with her. Rajan has made this one student comfortable enough to talk to her, communicate and do more activities from just talking to him and making him feel safe. Her biggest motivation is helping special needs students and making sure she finishes what she has stated. Rajan's biggest supporters are her family and friends.

They support her through anything she does. Her biggest challenge is when achieving her goals she gets tired of things easily but still doesn't stop until she does her very best. Reading alone in her room is something that puts her at peace and calms her down. Mark McElgunn, English Teacher, remarked “Kayla is a wonderful student who brings a bright energy into the room and helps inspire her friends in class to perform at their best!”. To conclude, Kayla Rajan is a great,hard working, and amazing student overall.


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