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Kate’s Konspiracies: You’re Most Likely Watching Actors Pt 1

By KATE SANTILLAN, Contributing Writer

February 20, 2019

Have you ever watched a traumatic event on the news and wondered how the people who were in the event were able to keep such composure and almost act as if nothing happened? Or have you ever wondered if the event actually ever happened? No one can really trust the news as much anymore because there has been a countless amount of evidence that essentially proves: who or what you’re watching is fake.

Almost every crime scene in your local community is broadcasted on live television for everyone to watch. Other events that affect the country, such as the twin towers collapsing and the pentagon being attack, are broadcasted for the world to see. Many people who were at these scenes are usually traumatized or in shock so how do they get in front of a camera and talk about what just happened? Well there is a theory that there is such thing called crisis actors and these are individuals that go to the scene of a tragedy and act as if they were there and witnessed everything. They pretend to be distraught and even shed tears for the camera. They also show up in other places in the world acting for other events.

This isn’t really a bad thing for the people in the event because no one wants to talk in front of an audience about their son dying in a shooting or their sister being robbed and jumped. These actors actually benefit others so that they don’t make a fool of themselves or in case they “act out”. However, it is bad when news stations get caught with a crisis actor. For the Sandy Hook shooting, there is a video leaked of a guy that is standing with a crowd of people just laughing and having a good time but then he realizes the camera is on and instantly becomes “sad” and serious and starts talking about his “dead daughter”. He walks up to the podium and says “My name is Robbie Parker, my family is one of the families that lost a child yesterday….” with a very serious and cracky voice after he had just smiled and scoffed about who knows what.

In conclusion this theory is not really a theory because it has been debunked in some places. But, it does raise some eyebrows and have people thinking whether or not what they’re watching is real...


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