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Homecoming: Pep Rally and Dance

By SNEHA BURLE, Staff Writer

September 28, 2019

Throughout the week of September 23, 2019, Homecoming has taken place at North Brunswick Township High School. Events such as Spirit Week, the Pep Rally, the Homecoming football game, and the ‘Under the Sea’ Homecoming dance have taken their way for Homecoming.

On Friday, September 27, 2019, the North Brunswick Township High School hosted its annual Homecoming Pep Rally in the gymnasium to kick off the year with school spirit! This event featured a variety of performances and games, in which students could participate and engage in. There were performances such as the NBTHS band playing a melody of hits, students performing, waving their flags to the music, and the cheerleaders’ routine, also including football players to the mix. The games included consisted of relay races and three-legged races. Additionally, the results for each grade’s Homecoming King and Queen were announced. Furthermore, each grade’s competition results were revealed, from Pep Rally posters to Spirit Week participants to their class’s events fundraising. All of this provided students with lots of opportunities to have fun with their classmates, work together, and compete for their grade’s glory and bragging rights.

Throughout homecoming week, students had worked hard for their grade’s poster in the Pep Rally. Though each poster showed color, pep, and spirit, the Class of 2021, AKA the juniors, ended up winning! Congratulations, juniors!

Moreover, the cheerleaders had performed their routine at the pep rally, and they brilliantly executed their dance moves and spirit. To add on, they brought in some of the NBTHS football players, and had them perform the dances with them, eventually ending with the cheerleaders holding up the football players on their hands. Go, team!

Although the juniors won the poster competition, and the seniors won the relay races, there is no doubt that there was fun for all in the 2019 Homecoming Pep Rally.

Additionally, during the week, another Homecoming event took place on Saturday, September 28, 2019, to kick off the year with fun and joy! On Saturday, September 28, 2019, the North Brunswick Township High School Student Government Organization (SGO) hosted the NBTHS “Under the Sea” Homecoming formal dance for students to enjoy. The event took place in the Commons, and was embellished with decorations inspired by the theme of “Under the Sea”.

This event featured moments of a typical dance, with music blasting while people danced. Food, drinks, and desserts were provided. Alongside that, many pictures of students there were taken. Essentially, however, each grade’s Homecoming winners were announced. The results were voted by students of each grade:

Homecoming Lord and Lady

Lord: Alex Partazana

Lady: Celeste McKenzie

Homecoming Duke and Duchess

Duke: Advait Aranachalam

Duchess: Elyssa Rodriguez

Homecoming Prince and Princess

Prince: Anthony Partazana

Princess: Megan Gilmore

Homecoming King and Queen

King: Myles Bailey

Queen: Sydnee Hopsin

Congratulations to all the Homecoming winners! The Homecoming dance was sure a night to remember, and there is no doubt that there was fun for everyone.


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