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Graduation Speech: Kayla Allen

Good evening, proud parents, faculty, administrators, and fellow graduates. It’s an honor to be up here today with all of you. Before I begin, I would like to take a brief moment to congratulate each and every one of us; we’re officially here.

To the Class of 2024, we started this journey together without a clue of how we would get through high school. The pandemic we all lived through took over and changed our lives tremendously, causing us to experience our freshman year on a screen. However, it’s become apparent now that it never mattered where we started because today we’re covered in blue and gold, celebrating our hard work, accomplishments, and creating our newest and happiest memories.

Today isn’t just for the ones who are sitting in these chairs right now, waiting to walk the stage and start their next chapter; it’s also for our beloved friend and former teammate, Hakim Davis. On April 17, 2023, North Brunswick Township High School was made aware of Hakim’s passing. We spent that moment in silence and sorrow as we processed what was being announced on the loudspeaker. Today we not only applaud our success, but we also cheer for Hakim, his life, and the impact he made. At this moment, we accept these certificates with grace and gratitude, taking our next big step into the future not only for ourselves, but also for Hakim.

Throughout our four years here, we’ve watched each other grow as extraordinary individuals and allowed ourselves to make mistakes, yet still rise above all odds. So before I leave you all to go start your lives and experience all that life has to offer, I’d like to thank all our teachers who showed us that true intelligence is more than getting good grades and decent test scores; it’s taking your failures, turning them into lessons, and making them into growing opportunities. I’d also like to thank those around us who showed me the true value of education and assisted me in being here in the presence of all of you today. Thank you, everyone, and I wish you all the best in your upcoming journeys to become the next future leaders and changemakers in these next few years. Once again, congratulations to the Class of 2024, aka the 50th graduating class; we’ve finally made it.


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