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Graduation Speech: Hafsah Khan

Before I begin this speech I would like to apologize to my family because I didn't tell any of them I was doing this, yeah seriously, I'm not kidding. Honored guests, teachers, parents, and of course, the class of 2024, my name is Hafsah Khan and I have lived in North Brunswick my whole life. 1383 days ago, we nervously attended our first day of high school through a Google Meet call. Today, as proud seniors, we stand on the brink of our futures, celebrating not only our achievements, but also acknowledging the remarkable milestone of North Brunswick High School’s 50th anniversary. 

In the 50 years of NBTHS, our teachers, some of whom have been here for decades, have witnessed the evolution of our school and the growth of each student that has walked these halls. They have not only imparted knowledge, but served as mentors for many of us.

Throughout our time at NBTHS, we have contributed immensely to building on the school’s history through, organizations, clubs, and community service. At NBTHS we experienced many traditions such as Christmas in the Commons, pep rally’s, and Club Fest, where many of us eagerly signed up for clubs. These moments have not only brought us closer, but have also become a part of our school’s rich history. 

Beyond the festivities, it's our shared experiences, challenges, and triumphs that truly define our legacy. From the late-night Facetime calls trying to understand the homework to rushing to finish group projects the night before, each one of us has played an irreplaceable role in each other's lives.

As we finally close this chapter of our lives at North Brunswick Township High School and celebrate our own milestones, we also pay tribute to the legacy we are leaving behind to our school. NBTHS has thrived for 50 incredible years and as we turn to the next chapter of our lives, let us carry with us the friendships forged, lessons learned, and the memories made here at NBTHS with grace. Congratulations Class of 2024! 


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