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2024 Valedictorian's Speech

SALONI AGSHIKER, Class of 2024 Valedictorian

Good morning to the distinguished faculty, to the friends and family here to cheer us on, and of course, to the graduating NBTHS Class of 2024!

1381 days ago, we began high school as boxes on our chromebook screens, where teachers got to know our ceilings and foreheads way better than us. You see, life taught us very quickly to expect the unexpected.

But we ultimately made it. Fast forward through countless assignments and an unhealthy amount of caffeine, we are now about to embark on paths as diverse as our very own backgrounds.

But remember this: we are not just any class. We are the 50th graduating Class of NBTHS. As we scatter to the four winds, we have a responsibility to leave our own legacy.

And this begins by asking ourselves one simple question every single day. You see, we can’t turn back the hands of time anymore than we can leap into the future.

So instead of contemplating every past regret or every future endeavor, the question we should all truly ask ourselves is: what am I going to do today with the time I have, right here, right now?

This doesn’t mean slogging away at work day in and out - for high school taught us that it only lasts for a good 48 hours before you crash.

Rather, it’s about making every day count, by taking a small meaningful action that will get you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. Tackle three or four tasks on your agenda. Spend time with your friends and family. Take care of yourself. and reach out a hand to help others, for our strength lies in the support that we give and receive.

On that note, I truly couldn’t have gotten here today without the support of so many people. To my mom, dad, and younger sister Annika - thank you for your endless love, guidance, and patience. Words cannot describe how lucky I am to have you.

To all the teachers I have had - your commitment to our education is so inspiring. To Dr. O’Reilly and Mrs. Werner, you especially have helped me grow both in and out of the classroom. And finally, to the administration, security guards, custodians, and staff we don’t interact with directly - thank you for everything you do.

Class of 2024, there is so much potential within and around us. I can't wait to see how we all leverage it and where we go. Thank you so much and congratulations. We did it!


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