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Graduation Speech: D'Maya Fields

Photo Courtesy of D'Maya Fields

Good morning everyone, teachers, administrators, Class of 2022, families, and Mr Kneller. Welcome to graduation. To get started I just want to say thank you to my fellow classmates of 2022.

With COVID taking a toll I'm glad I'm here to see everyone's faces for the first year back, and hopefully not for the last time. I have real faith in this class, that we all aspire to be the best we can be. I want all the athletes getting into the school that they desire and going D1 to do well while we all watch. All the theater kids better land a role even in something as small as a commercial. All the band kids continue to make music. Even the kids that think they went unnoticed during high school, the one that sits alone at lunch or the quiet kid in the back, I hope to see you one day too, doing something you’re proud of.

As North Brunswick Raiders we all collectively came together when it came down to it: supporting our sports, our band, our plays, our school. Even on the days where our school didn’t support us, with freshman year having to start the year off with mold and us waiting to come back. Sophomore year having the gas leak and the gym being closed because of the Mercury. Junior year going into lock down. Lastly, senior year started the year with using our first snow day on the second day of school because of the flooding rain. While those events did happen, they will be a happy memory in our heads. This school has seen us all on our good days and the days we were at our lowest. Thank you North Brunswick staff and security for always being there to talk to us in the hallway and keeping us out of trouble, the staff for having faith in us and watching us grow up and leave. While I had been waiting for graduation since I was a freshman I feel like it all went by so fast. Now all I can say is WE ARE NORTH BRUNSWICK. Thank you.


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