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German artists come to NBTHS!

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

On November 22, 2019; A group of artists came to NBTHS to make a performance in the auditorium. People who were interested in music or that were taking German as a language were invited too! Some of the performances that were seen included, singers, dancers and rappers. Many of the students were amazed because these people were 19+ but, they looked like they were still in high school, we truly feel that they brought an impact to our young artists!

There were about 6 rappers that came and performed, each of them was talented in their own way. Many people enjoyed their energy and how they performed. Although some people may have not known what they said because they rapped in German, they were all able to get the energy and spirit and everyone enjoyed it very much. The rappers not only made a great performance, they also knew how to include the crowd and that made it even more enjoyable. There's no doubt that they will someday go far!

There were also 5 dancer in the show too. The dancers made an excellent performance and their dance movements impressed the crowd. Everyone cheered and clapped a beat for the dancers as they embraced their feelings through their movements. They later told us that they didn't practice their dance, it was all just freestyle! It's very amazing how they were able to come up with many great dances at once! I hope that someday their talent get noticed!

Finally, there were 2 wonderful singers included in this group. They were able to hit chords so beautifully and amazed the crowd! Some of the students in the back of the room began to flash their phones to set a mood for the singers. Their music was understood through the mood and tone, which comes to show that sometimes it doesn't matter if you understand it, It's the message that it brings to your heart that matters. One of the singer stated that she made her own song and it really inspired many of the singers in the crowd.

I want to let these wonderful people that NBTHS is very grateful that you came to our school and performed in front of the students. You inspired many of us and you should never give up what you love, instead keep trying to reach it and someday you'll be able to embrace your dream! I hope that you enjoy your time here and a special thanks to the German teacher that organized this. I hope that everyone enjoyed the presentation and hopefully you'll put yourself out in the world!

~Credits to- Ben Benitez~


The whole group together! (Photo Courtesy of- Ben Benitez)
SIngers ( Photo Courtesy of- Ben Benitez)

Rappers ( Photo Courtesy of- Ben Benitez)

Dancers ( Photo Courtesy of-Ben Benitez)


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