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Feed Hope: NBTHS Food Drive!

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

WILEYNI CABA, Contributing Writer

Mr. Watters, Social Studies teacher, was thrilled with the success of the Key Club's Food Drive.

The Key Club took care of everything from planning, to preparations, to giving out and making people's day; those who needed it the most signed up in the Raiders Homeplate. The club was able to help about 18 families this year, the remaining food was donated to the food bank.

Usually the teachers are the only collaborators, but this year students were also welcomed to take part in this heartwarming event. They gave out traditional Thanksgiving food such as canned goods, boxed goods, and much more!

Watters favorite part of the food drive was prepping the bags and enjoying the collaboration between his colleagues and himself. The final product of everything is what gave him assurance that the hard work they had put in paid off and was beautiful to see.


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