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Criminology Crusaders

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

KAY KEEFE, Contributing Writer

Criminology Crusaders is a new club at NBTHS and is run by Mr. Harris and Ms. Davis. The club has a great atmosphere as everyone is able to get involved. Whether it’s games or lessons everyone is sure to have fun.

A couple of weeks ago they had a huge game of winter-themed mafia which was immersive and exciting. Their last meeting was composed of stations run by Mr. Harris where they got the opportunity to explore the different aspects of crime scene investigation.

Making friends is a given as the environment is so welcoming and they need to collaborate to complete activities. Criminology Crusaders meet every other Tuesday in room 824 (Ms. Davis’s classroom). The next meeting will be on February 7 and they will be investigating a crime scene set up by Mr. Harris. Everyone is looking forward to this meeting as well as the myriad of other activities coming up.


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