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College: Paving the Way

By SNEHA BURLE, Staff Writer

October 15, 2019

College represents many things to people. For some, college means a path to success. For others, a place they do not deem useful. For most, college is a place where graduates go to after they finish high school. They go to college to help further advance their path to getting the career they wish to achieve. Most jobs require college graduation. Colleges may be helpful, but they do present students with tedious tasks of getting in, and doing well once they get in.

Predominantly, college is a place to further advance your career by majoring and learning whatever subject you choose. You can be admitted at any age, however most students of college attend after high school. It is a way to determine which job you will end up with.

Moreover, as good as college is, it is not free. College tuition is usually expensive, and tuition can be a hassle for many families. For private colleges, tuition is mainly $34,740. For state residents at public colleges, tuition costs approximately $9,970, and for out of state residents attending public universities, college tuition goes up to $25,620. May be expensive, but that’s not all. Students and their families also must pay for room and board fees, textbooks and school supplies, and personal expenses. For families who may be struggling with these fees, there is financial aid. Student financial aid exists to help students with affording college. There is also FAFSA, which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Students can apply to FAFSA to determine their eligibility for financial aid. If students ever receive financial aid, tuition for them can cost at most, $10k.

Moreover, colleges are separated into community, public, and private. A community college is a college with 100% acceptance rate. It is a two-year college, and tuition there is very cheap, up to $3k. Public university is a university that receives funds from a national government, and is in state ownership. Most public universities have a high acceptance rate, and tuition is moderate. A standard, 4-year school. Furthermore, private universities are the top tier of colleges. Private universities are 4-year elite colleges with very low acceptance rate, most of which average up to 8%. Their tuition is very high, going up to $65k. Only very few students from each school get selected to attend. Very notable alumni attended there, and many scientists today have attended private colleges.

Additionally, there are universities called Ivy Leagues. The Ivy League universities are a group of eight elite universities posing as top tier colleges. They are comprised of sports teams. They are known for their valuable education and notable alumni, comprising of many engineers, scientists, celebrities, politicians, etc. The eight Ivy Leagues are Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, and Brown. They all have very low acceptance rates and expect the top performers of their schools. Ivy League colleges can be very beneficial for your career, to achieve a great one.

To add on, colleges look at many things for your admission. They look at your SAT score, to see what you got out of 1600. They look at your ACT test score, to see what you scored out of 36. Along with standardized tests, they also look at your high school grades for all four years. They look at your extracurriculars and your leadership roles, as well as looking at teacher’s recommendations and your admissions essay. It is a lot of pressure for young students to attend college, as getting in is no easy feat.

Withal, is college even necessary? Nope. You do not have to attend college. You can get a job without college. However, most people go to college because most jobs require you to graduate college and maintain degrees in certain majors. However, there are jobs available if college is not the path for you!

Overall, college is a choice for students. If you wish to further your highly established path to a good career, then college is the choice for you. Work hard, and get into a good college. It can benefit you as you know it.


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