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Black Culture Alliance: A Night To Remember

By RAISA BARAKA, Contributing Writer

February 28, 2019

We all should be aware of the importance of this month being Black History month! Despite it being the shortest month of the year, people come together to celebrate the history and impact of black people. NBTHS brings this culture to their school through the club, Black Cultural Alliance (BCA). In this club, students of any race can come and speak about the various issues black people carry as a whole, creating a safe space in a world that isn't. On February 28, in honor of this month, BCA hosted “BCA Night” where students come to show off their talents. Hosted by juniors, Amaan Maiden and Abdul Savage, many young artists expressed themselves through dance, singing, and many different forms of art. Parents, students, and faculty showed up to support.. and eat! Food was provided there as well! “BCA means a lot to me, and my older brother was the former president of the club and hosted the show himself so I figured I should too” said Junior, Amaan Maiden. With the hard work of everyone working and performing, the night was a success.

Students come together to show off their talents to faculty, parents, and their peers!

Photo Courtesy of RAISA BARAKA


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