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Asian American Violence in Atlanta

Updated: May 18, 2021

LUCAUS LAU, Staff Writer

The past few months for Asian-Americans have been tough. There was a shooting at a local nail salon in Atlanta, Georgia. Eight people were killed, and six out of eight of them were of Asian descent. Ever since the coronavirus hit, there have been waves of Asian-American attacks throughout the United States. Many Americans are sympathizing with the victims as well as mourning for them.

There has been a chain of attacks of a man killing an 84-year-old man in San Francisco in February, reports of people being called racist comments, and people being physically attacked in public. Many of them are afraid to go places and are staying very cautious at this time. Asian-American violence isn’t something that is new this year. It dates back all the way to the 1800s during the Chinese Exclusion Act when President Chester A. Arthur prohibited all outside Chinese immigrants. After the attack in Atlanta, many people have been protesting and trying to fight for justice and memorials for the six victims of the nail salon have been made. You can visit the Stop AAPI Hate group website and help out


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