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Alchemist Theatre Company Presents: Chicago...High School Edition

By KATE SANTILLAN, Contributing Writer

April 17, 2019

On Thursday April 11, 2019, Chicago: High School Edition was finally put on display in the auditorium at NBTHS. Any student who loves to watch live shows like those on Broadway would love the plays and musicals the Alchemist Theatre Company has to offer. However, Chicago was something different; almost a life changing experience.

Despite a few minor setbacks on the first day of the show's launch, like a trip, a forgetting of a line, and a lighting situation, the show did great the rest of the weekend. The audience could tell that there was a lot of effort put into the show, the production, the practicing, and the choreography. The students looked and worked as if they belonged in a professional theatre show.

When asked how long the process takes to make Chicago: High School Edition, Brodie Thompson, junior, answered “We’ve been working on Chicago since June of last year, during [my] sophomore year, because we have to secure the rights and we were also entered in a competition”. He went on to explain this competition called “Rising Star” by saying that “Many schools around the country competed to see who could put on Chicago the best way possible. Judges came to us on the Thursday night. We don’t know who won but we will find out next week.”

Students such as seniors, Sydney and Jake Williams and Junior Britney Hague had huge roles of the vibrant, exciting show and did an amazing job acting and singing. The music was exceptional and delightful, everyone must have had the songs stuck in their head the rest of the night. The performers’ voices were absolutely beautiful and soothing. The characters were also well played and very comedic. The show is just overall amazing and was well put together. NBTHS did a fantastic job of interpreting their own version of Chicago.


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