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2019 Wins NBTHS Powder Puff Despite Cold Weather

By TARA JENNINGS, Staff Writer

November 18, 2018

On Wednesday, November 14, 2018, North Brunswick Township High School hosted its annual Powder Puff football game. Run by the Student Government Organization (SGO), the Powder Puff game sees girls from every grade level participating in several rounds of flag football; male students may help coach the team or serve as cheerleaders, although there was no cheer squad at this year’s event. (There was also no team to represent the Class of 2020, who did not have enough girls sign up to play.) Despite the cold weather, the games began at six o’clock on Wednesday night, with the freshman team facing off against the sophomores to fight for a place in the championship.

Each game consisted of two fifteen-minute halves. Six points were awarded for every touchdown; while players were not allowed to kick for an extra point, they could earn one more point by running or passing the ball into the end zone on a single play awarded to them after their touchdown. These rules were among those enforced by Mr. Cipot, Mr. Viotto, and Mr. Abdalla, teachers who served as referees for the event.

The sophomores won their first game against the freshmen in order to advance to the championship, where they faced off against the seniors. While the Class of 2019 originally fell behind in this final match-up, they soon recovered to secure the victory in a 13-7 game. No trophies were awarded, but the winning team did go home with championship t-shirts.

Despite the frigid temperature, there was a strong turnout for the event. “Even though Powder Puff was extremely cold, I’m so happy that people came out,” Robert Neumann, senior and SGO President, said. “And I’m so proud of the seniors for taking home the trophy!”

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Ankamah

This sentiment was shared by Cassadie Speed, a senior and the quarterback of the Class of 2019’s team. “I had fun playing against the underclassmen,” she said. “I’ve always been competitive, but you have to remember it’s about having fun, too.”

While the sophomores ultimately fell short in the finals, members of the team still shared Speed’s attitude. “I thought it went really well,” said Adrianna Barnes, a member of the Class of 2021’s team. “It was a very fun experience and I will definitely be doing it next year.”

Ultimately, members of SGO and the three teams all viewed Powder Puff as a success despite the cold. While the Class of 2019 won this year’s game, the trophy will be up for grabs once more next year, as NBTHS continues with its tradition of hosting an annual Powder Puff Football Game.


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